Aditi Patil
Aditi Patil

Aditi Patil is a young professional in the STEM field. She joined the exciting world of computer science as a high schooler and quickly realized that there was (and is) a serious disparity between male and female participation. Now, as the founder of XX Coders, Aditi is dedicated to inspiring women and minority groups to get involved in computer science.

She is currently studying computer science at Columbia University where she hopes to empower her female peers to follow their passion in computer science.

Through XX Coders, Aditi has been able to get more involved in her own community as well. She has worked as a Special Education PTA (SEPTA) Tutor at Half Hollow Hills Library. In 2017 XX Coders hosted their first summer camp in Wyandanch to teach high school girls how to code. Aditi has also independently volunteered in Wyandanch, leading fundraisers for its schools.

Aditi Patil is a USA Youth Ambassador for Samarthanam USA, Inc. In addition to her work with community and nonprofit organizations, she has conducted computer science research in summer programs at Yale University and Columbia University. Aditi is also an avid writer, and she was the STEM Editor of her high school newspaper.